Games 2022  

2nd July 2022 | Weymouth, Dorset

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2021 marks an important anniversary in Weymouth's history; the 450th anniversary of Melcombe Regis and Weymouth uniting to form one town! We welcome you to join us on Saturday, 3rd July, at the Nothe Fort in celebrating this historic occasion and the first ever MelWey Games. A showstopping display of games, competitions and fun.

The MelWey Boat Race will be our blue-ribbon event. An amateur gig boat race around Newton's Cove by two teams, one from 
Melcombe Regis and the other from Weymouth. Be sure to show your support from the Nothe Gardens. 

The Games will host a series of competitions and other exciting activities held throughout the day.  Whether you consider yourself a local strongman in our tug-of-war competition or an eagle eyed thrower of Dorset Knobs, you will have the opportunity to compete for your side of town. 

The MelWey Games is proud to support local charity, Hangers Heroes. All proceeds of this fantastic event will go to support the many great causes Hanger Heroes support every year.

Make sure to put 3rd July in your diary so you remember to come along and cheer for your side! We will regularly update this page with more information about the games as well as the ticketed evening of celebrations at the iconic Nothe Fort.

The History

In the early days, Weymouth and Melcombe Regis were two separate settlements. Situated on opposite sides of the harbour, they were in continuous competition with each other over which would unload cargoes and claim landing duties. In 1571, Queen Elizabeth put an end to all that. By Act of Parliament, she combined the two towns to form what most people now simply call Weymouth.

The Boat Race

Our blue-ribbon event of the MelWey Games will be a spirited gig boat race. This spectacular contest, to be organized by the Weymouth Rowing Club, will see the rowers race across Newton’s Cove and back in full view of the Nothe Gardens. Lots of places to enjoy a fantastic view!

The race itself will host two teams, one from Melcombe Regis and the other from across the Wey in Weymouth. Each team will be crewed by local amateur rowers who have completed extensive training at the Weymouth Rowing Club. We would like to thank ITSA Group and Weyline Taxis for their generous support of our two teams in this friendly and passionate rivalry. 

Meet The Teams

Melcombe Regis Team Sponsor
Sponsoring Reece Hoskins
Sponsoring Reece Hoskins
Sponsoring Jodie Bell
Sponsoring Rory Padfield
Sponsoring Rory Padfield
Sponsoring Gavin Relph
Sponsoring Morgan Pollock
Weymouth Team Sponsor
Sponsoring Emma Gulliver
Sponsoring Stephen Wheeler
Sponsoring Sally Gulliver
Sponsoring Wayne Metcalf
Sponsoring Radas Duklas
Sponsoring Martin Pelling

Nothe Fort

Built to defend Weymouth and Portland from attack! Weymouth's highest rated museum and tourist attraction.

2 Teams

Melcombe Regis versus Weymouth! Who will you be cheering for?

Supporting local charities

The event will be in support of local charity Hangers Heroes, who do an amazing job of raising money for smaller charities in Weymouth.

Charity Partners and Hosts

MelWey Games 2021 is being hosted by the Nothe Fort in support of local charity, Hangers Heroes. We would also like to thank the Weymouth Rowing Club who have been working hard to train our rowers up, ready for the big race.

Event Host
Charity Partner

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